Friday, August 12, 2005


The Carlos Beltran-Mike Cameron collision was horrifying. Just so, so very scary. I've never been a Beltran, nor a Mets fan, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It's unfortunate that either man was injured at all, but I'm very glad that their injuries weren't life-, or livelihood-, threatening. It could have been so much worse.

The Astros managed to scrape out victories for the remainder of the series with the Nationals--the first, an ugly win (as Phil Garner would say) in which the usually reliable Brad Lidge almost blew the save. (He had just been named the DHL Delivery Man of the Month. Andy Pettitte's last loss came after he was NL Pitcher of the Month for July. I'm seeing a pattern here--no offense guys, but let's hold the accolades until the season is over, hmm-kay?) The second was a lovely win in which Pettitte's gem did not go unrewarded, finally putting him into double digits in the win column. Next up, Pittsburgh.

Next up for me is a vacation that has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, surprisingly. And I'm going on this vacation with an old friend who could care less about sports. I'll no doubt return, refreshed for the remainder of the stretch run and looking forward to October. Let's hope the same holds for the Astros through the rest of the homestand. Go 'Stros!


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