Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Apathy" and "pathetic" have the same root word

Wow, I just looked back over this blog--not a whole lot of entries over the last few months. I've had, what, four since July? I didn't do an exact count but that's got to be close.

And I'm only blogging now because what I really should be doing is working out, and this is total avoidance behavior.

My whole perspective on baseball right now is very, "whatever." I was looking at the Wild Card standings, and with 19 games to go, the Astros' E number is 16. So at this rate, they'll still draw it out until the last week (being mathematically eliminated, that is). And amazingly, no one in the NL actually HAS been eliminated yet, while three teams in the AL have (because overall the NL sucks, of course). I've always thought that the NL played an intellectually superior game to that of the AL, but sometimes, I have my weak moments and I think, oh yeah baby, I want a DH--more power.

But maybe that's just a symptom of being an Astros' fan.

Lots of Astros' blogs and message boards have started discussing what to do for next year. I have to say that, scarily, I don't even care enough at this point to have an opinion.

My pathetic team has inculcated that much apathy in me.


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