Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fun times

No, the Astros didn't win last night, although they certainly did play well. Luke Scott put on quite the show, as I had hoped he would--first Astros' rookie to hit for the cycle, and first Astro to do so at all since Bidge in 2002. He did it in reverse order, too--homer (4th inning), triple (5th), double (7th), then single (11th). (Some call it hitting in reverse "natural" order, meaning that natural order would be single, then double, and so on. I figure there's nothing "natural" about it, or we'd see it more often. Too bad it's not like poker, for example, where a straight flush is worth more than a flush or a straight!)

Anyway, despite the loss, I had the best time of any game that I wasn't actually, um, at. The media personnel at MMP, as well as all the fun folks over at The Crawfish Boxes, ran with the whole 70's theme night. I haven't laughed so hard during a losing game since the plunk-night debacle against the Giants back in May.

Odd, in a way. Even though I accept that the playoffs are probably out of the picture, I'm starting to enjoy Astros' baseball again (hell, just bought tickets for two more upcoming games!). It's as if the playoff pressure is off of me as a fan, too, and now I can just sit back and enjoy the game.

Here's hoping the team can do the same.


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