Friday, July 14, 2006

It's a start

Haven't had time to weigh in on all the All-Star break machinations by the Astros, but after Aubrey Huff's 3-run homer to give the boys a 5-1 win against the Marlins last night, I'd have to say that at least at this moment, Tim Purpura looks like a genius.

We'll see.

Other things remain to be fixed. I didn't actually see Huff's homer, I turned off the game when Chad Qualls came in to relieve Oswalt, because I got that same old sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. While checking my email, I flipped to the Astros' website to see how many runs Qualls gave up, and at first read the boxscore as if the Marlins were ahead (my mindset right now). As I kept staring at it, realizing that WE were up, I rushed back to the TV and flipped it back on. I got that same nauseating sense when it came to the bottom of the ninth and I realized that Brad Lidge was coming in.

Fighting the urge to turn the TV off yet again, I called my friend Max. He talked me down off the Lidge ledge, I watched the end of the game, and the Astros won. (Lidge didn't look particularly sharp but he didn't allow a baserunner, thank heavens.)

Ensberg was put on the DL and Luke Scott has been called up. Hope Luke can put on a show this time, although it might mean his being traded by the deadline for middle relief.

Anyway, it's a start. Go 'Stros!


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