Sunday, June 18, 2006


Lost the weekend series to the Royals.

Yes, those Royals.

The. Worst. Team. In. Baseball.

They could win the next 30 games straight, and STILL wouldn't be back to .500.


And to make matters worse, their pitcher today was Brandon Duckworth. Losing to him is simply an execrable event. I had absolutely no use for him when he played for us--in my opinion, he can't pitch, and he comes across in interviews as a whiner who has an excuse for everything. I was ecstatic when he was outrighted at the end of last season. Good riddance.

So what's that expression? Right, something about a blind hog and an acorn. . . .

Anyway, I should have known it wasn't going to be the best day when I had trouble filling out my scorecard at the start of the game. First there was Grudzielanek, then Graffanino. Hell, by the time I got to Mientkiewicz, I just wrote "Dougie Baseball."

As others have pointed out, at least the Royals lead the league in consonants.



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