Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gimme a break


Break's over, although my first game back had me more depressed than ever--Friday night's 14-3 loss to the visiting Reds. That's the first game I've ever left in the fifth inning. The overall lack of interest on all parts was virtually its own entity--the crowd at the Park was pretty sparse at the beginning of the game, and oddly enough, so were the players. I've been to so many games that you can practically set your clock by Biggio's warm-up entrance, generally followed by Ausmus, Everett, Berkman with the trainer, then a bit later Taveras, Ensberg (if he doesn't come out with Everett), and Wilson. But Friday night, while Biggio stayed to his usual routine, warm-ups from other players were virtually non-existent (granted, Ensberg and Everett didn't start). But still, I was surprised when game time arrived because I was still waiting for the usual display. And their play during the game was just as lackadaisical, as they seemingly conceded after Wandy's first inning struggles. I finally couldn't stand it any more.

Today was a bit brighter. They still lost, but at least they played. Granted, it didn't end up going their way, but at least they seemed focused and they certainly kept my interest--through 11 innings. I'm a bit more optimistic than I was Friday. On the other hand, the sublime wordsmith at Astroday remains optimistic despite such dismal performances as Friday's. Having followed the Astros for years (decades?), I'm sure he's much more in tune with the overall nuances and subtleties of the team and the long season than I.

At least, I hope so. I hope he's right.


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