Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ooooh! Ahhhh.

Was at Minute Maid Park last night for the 12-2 drubbing of the Rockies. Revenge is sweet indeed. Although, the score doesn't really tell the tale. It was like two separate games--the first, a tightly contested five-inning tie, and the second, a four-inning blowout. A bit of a schizophrenic evening in that regard, but nonetheless very satisfying in the end. And the park held the season's first Friday Night Fireworks--an actual display after the game (although eleven runs in three innings counts too). I've decided that I'm simply a sucker for fireworks. I've seen loads of them in my lifetime and yet I'm enchanted every time.

Lidge looked very good last night, retiring the three batters he faced in the seventh with 12 pitches, and he's being very gracious under scrutiny during his struggles. I may yet develop enough trust in him to be a fully sold fan. We'll see.

I'm headed back to MMP tomorrow for Pettitte's start. This will be a solitary jaunt, as all of my friends will be spending Mother's Day with their moms/wives/kids. That's just fine, as I haven't scored a game in ages (I don't keep score when someone else is with me because I don't multitask quite well enough). I'm no doubt quite rusty.

One of my friends asked me to go to the Giants' game on Tuesday, and I accepted. I don't usually run to Houston in the middle of the week, as I do dearly love to get a full night's sleep. But the two friends I'll attend the game with are smart and funny and so rarely available to spend time with that I couldn't resist. Now, though, it crosses my mind--what if Bonds gets 714 or God forbid 715 at MMP? Whether I'm there or not, it's possible that it will happen, but at this point I find the prospect of witnessing that event in person to be extremely distasteful.

Again, we'll see.


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