Thursday, April 20, 2006

Um. . . I dunno

I didn't watch the game last night, as I worked until 11 p.m. Didn't surprise me, though. Just as I thought the run dearth of last year was an (albeit, somewhat ongoing) aberration, I thought the offensive onslaught so far this year was somewhat the same. At least so far, the Astros have been making average pitchers look, well, average. Chris Capuano is not average.


The bullpen is not worried (yet). Thus, neither am I (so I try to convince myself).


When Biggio hit his first home run (in my currently drunken [yes, drunken] state, I tried to type "fun," as in home "fun"), he high-fived or knuckle-touched all the dudes in the dugout. Except, he gave a big spontaneous bear hug to Gary Gaetti. Significance?

UPDATE: The answer?


Just as I anticipated, I am firmly ensconced into the cellar of my fantasy league. Ah, well.


I caught the Tuesday game through six innings, therefore saw Mo's second home run of the evening. I knew the moment he swung that it was going out. I'm a girl, never played baseball, although a touch of softball, but never really a student of the batting swing. But there's just something about a ball that Ensberg sees well enough to take that big of a cut at--when he has that much of a follow-through, it's usually gone (or a painful-to-watch strike).


I didn't follow the Astros when Jim Deshaies pitched. However, I love him as an announcer. Dude is soooo funny!!! JDism's to follow:

Regarding an upcoming fan promotion:

Bill Brown: So Greg Lucas is going to tell us how to get a foam finger.

Jim Deshaies: I know how.

Brownie: Oh yeah?

JD: Yeah. Drive rudely at a Nerf convention.

Regarding Roy Oswalt stepping out of the batter's box, Astros up by 6 runs:

Brownie: Looks like Roy has something in his eye, J.D.

JD: Yeah, it's probably tears of joy for the run support.

New crush for me? Oh yeah.


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