Saturday, April 15, 2006

Randomness, belated

I'm a bit late in mentioning this (gee, what a surprise there!), but jlauck at Astroday had the most marvelous post this past week. His essay was prompted by the absolutely beautiful Monday afternoon game in which the 'Stros finally overcame the Nats 5-4 in twelve innings. An amazing game and an amazing post. Definitely worth the read.

In other news, Brandon Backe went on the DL. In a way, I'm glad the MRI was positive. Backe had started to strike me as somene who claimed injury after any poor performance, so while I don't wish injury on anyone, I'm glad (in a way) that he's at least not crying "wolf."

Happy belated (again, no surprise it's belated!) birthday to the lovely Brad Ausmus.


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