Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend thoughts

Went to the Saturday and Sunday games. Roof was open, weather was fabulous. Got a sunburn.

Spring is sprung.

However. . . could not effing BELIEVE that the crowd booed Chad Qualls Saturday night. The only thing I can figure is that, right now, a bunch of people are going to games because it's a "cool" thing to do. No doubt they have no clue about baseball. I mean it's the freakin' fifth game of the season, people. Get a grip!

Went to a Latin mass before Sunday's game, as my friend who accompanied me is Catholic and didn't want to miss Palm Sunday. I'm like, that's cool.

When it came time for the blessing of the palms, the priest said some brief words (unfortunately during which, I had a flashback to The Princess Bride. . . "Mawwiage. . . .")

Managed not to laugh, however (and I'm actually a spiritual person, despite the profanity and drunkenness, so please don't email me vicious things).

Anyway, he sprinkled the palms with holy water and proceeded to sprinkle the crowd. I thought, cool, I'm gonna get me some holy water.

But no.

In a scene straight out of Pulp Fiction, he missed me on both sides. Thankfully, I managed not to blurt, 'what the hell?' out loud. I'm thinking, "Can you tell I'm not Catholic or what? And if so, has it occurred to you that maybe I need it more than they do? Huh?"

Oh well.

I'm so blessed in so many other ways that I cannot complain.

La vita bella.


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