Friday, February 17, 2006

Pitchers and catchers report, oh my!

Yippee! Today's the day! Which means spring training and opening day are not far away! (Approximately 13 days 7 hours for the first spring training game, I estimate.) Yay!

In keeping with the new season, a friend asked if I wanted to join a fantasy league.


I have a doctoral degree from Texas A & M University and a master's degree from possibly the top College of Medicine in the country. But I've never played Dungeons and Dragons or any of that stuff, nor paid enough attention to know what fantasy baseball entailed.


I always thought it was anything having to do with my crush on Morgan Ensberg.

So no doubt I will occupy the dungeon, er, cellar, of this new league. But at least now I'll know what it is!

Ain't education wonderful?


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