Friday, March 24, 2006

Dunn deal


Back home now after a simply marvelous vacation. So much to blog. It's a bit daunting to think of sitting here and writing it all at once, so I've decided to do several mini-posts over the next day or so.

So, starting with last weekend--spent Friday night at the local Irish pub, drinking heavily. A good time was had by all, or at least by me. Left on Saturday morning for Houston, got my hair cut (yay!), then caught up with my friends to go to Rodeo. A huge crowd of people went, and as is normal in those situations, it was a bit difficult to get everyone on the same page to actually do stuff. Lots of small children in the group too, so we watched them ride the ferris wheel, the carousel, etc. They were so excited. I remember those days.

It was finals at Rodeo. The announcers kept saying things like, "He's got to be excited with that purse of $15,000. He's a rich man now!" Hmm. But what if that's all he won all year? That's poverty level by any definition. I didn't realize rodeo prize money was so scanty.

The day before we went, a steer apparently was killed during the steer wrestling competition. It planted its feet in an odd way right as the competitor went for the take-down, and the steer's neck snapped. Thankfully, no such incidences when I was there. Of course, since it was finals, they gave out what they call the High Flyin' Award, which has something to do with the most impressive injury, or something. I personally thought that the bulldogger who had the Joe Theismann-like wrist injury should have won, but seeing as how it's not American Idol, we didn't get to vote. . . .

Anyway, Rodeo ended that night with a concert by Brooks and Dunn. They were PHENOMENAL, which, frankly, surprised me. I've always been sort of pleasantly indifferent to their music, but I was very impressed. Ronnie Dunn can BELT it, y'all.

(And to those who thought this might be a post about an Adam Dunn trade. . . sorry.)


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