Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hit or miss

If anyone actually reads this blog (anyone who isn't moving, anyway) and has been hoping for any kind of update (after all, Spring Training has actually started), I apologize. I had over sixteen hours of overtime this week alone.

Livin' the dream, y'all.

Anyway, this post will be random ramblings about things I liked, or not, over the past week.

First things first: it's back!!

I'm speaking, of course, about Morgan Ensberg's hair. (Photo by Karen Warren of the Houston Chronicle.)

Mercy, that man has lovely hair. He buzzed it last summer to the point that he looked like a nine-year-old boy.

I was crushed.

But for now, he's wearing it long again.

I must say, though, I liked last year's highlights better. More understated.

Anyway. Slow start to Spring Training for the boys (not that it matters much, at least to me); at this point, a record of 1-4. Actually plated 11 runs on Friday (eleven!) against Cleveland, including a solo homer by Jason Lane (Pretty Boy above waited until Saturday to go yard). Non-roster invitee and knuckleballer Steve Sparks has given up the most runs so far, I think, but I lost track. Or lost count. (His fantasy baseball number is 43, compared to Randy Johnson at 1919. I'm confused as to why he was invited to Spring Training, unless he's just going to be extremely cheap.)

Rocket, of course, has been in the news this week. After pitching batting practice and simulated game innings at the 'Stros' minor league camp, does anyone really think he'll go to another team? I'd be very, very surprised if he signed elsewhere, although it wouldn't surprise me if he did actually "retire." Anyway, the story about his giving Koby a little chin music just cracked my old ass up. I hope Clemens the Younger realizes that his dad is actually doing him a favor--with that name, somebody, sometime, is gonna school the boy, and it might as well be Pops, who certainly has experience and control on his side.

As this story notes, Jeff Bagwell managed a somewhat uneasy but nonetheless uneventful arrival and assimilation into camp. Thank heavens, and good luck, Bags!

This story about Brad Lidge amused the hell out of me (but then, anything involving Brad Ausmus is pretty much guaranteed to be entertaining--yeah, yeah, he didn't make eye contact with all of his fans [namely me, since that's what I'm all about] but he is one hell of a funny and smart guy). And I have to say that the way Lidge has handled himself during camp has been impressive. I think that I was probably at every single game last year in which Lidge blew the save (regular and post-season), leaving a personal impression that he was not as consistent and reliable as most scouting reports would indicate. That he's comporting himself with grace and class is simply lovely, in my opinion. A rare thing indeed.

Until next time. . . .


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