Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A study in contrasts

I got in late, so this will be quick.

How different were the last two games I attended! Sunday was a study in the art of baseball--I attended solo, focused on and scored the game and was blissfully in tune with the nuances of play and the ebb and flow and rhythm of the game itself.

Last night, not so much. I realized when it was 5-0 Giants in the middle of the first that last night’s game was going to be about beer, hot dogs, ambiance, and great companions. I had a blast.

Which is good, because the game itself? She was a travesty.

Like, not “holy crap,” but wholly crap.

Our pitchers seem to be unconsciously trying to avoid forever being a trivia question, and while not admitting it, are evidently so afraid of giving up 714 and/or 715 that they can't freakin' pitch to anyone any more.

If that theory's true, I say effing give it up and get it over with. Move forward and effing PLAY, for crying out loud. Hell, the beautiful defense of Sunday has taken the last couple of days off too.

There was one particular high point of the game, though. I have mentioned before that Dan Wheeler is my favorite in the bullpen. I've had a soft spot for him since he plunked Derrek Lee in his first appearance with the 'Stros back in '04. Thought he had balls. Well, his doppelganger Russ Springer has even bigger cojones than Wheels, plunking Bonds and getting himself ejected last night. Luv ya’ Russ!


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