Saturday, June 10, 2006

Highs and lows

Okay, this?

Cracked me up.

Not just for the straight-up wise cracks (who's Sosa's daddy? *snort*), but also for the sheer joy that emanates from the post. I can relate. I'm personally treating the Astros' current upswing like I would a no-hitter--I'm trying not to talk about it. But it's difficult to keep silent, not just because they've been winning, but because they've been playing. Wins are obviously fabulous, and necessary, but these last few games have just been fun to watch, period.

Okay, this?

No joy or amusement in it whatsoever.

Because this is how it started with Bonds.

As much as I hate playing against him, as much as I'm still pissed off that he watched that damn home run off of Lidge in Game 5 for what seemed like freaking forever, please-oh-please-oh-PLEASE let Pujols be clean.

I want him to be clean, and to take away Bond's single season HR record.



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