Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And another thing. . . .

You know how I was saying that hygiene is kinda important when you're having surgery? Well, another good thing is to know a bit about your own health. I was interviewing a patient today, going through the routine questions--"ever had a seizure or a stroke?"--and the guy has to turn to his wife. He's all, "I dunno. Honey, have I ever had a seizure or a stroke?"

It was all I could do to control the spasms of my ocular muscles, the reflex to roll my eyes was so strong.

I mean, really. How can someone NOT know something like that? I know nothing about cars--couldn't tell my intake manifold from the fuel injectors--but I know whether my car's ever been in a wreck, I know the last time it went in for maintenance and if anything was wrong with it or not. I cannot fathom someone being so oblivious to their own health (the opposite end of the spectrum is the 'Stros own Rocket, who is in tune with every subtle nuance of every muscle and talks about his body in that sort of odd third-person way).

Seriously. I doubt that anyone who goes to the trouble to read a blog would find themselves unable to answer the question I posed to my patient, but if you're reading this and you're not sure about the answer, you might want to spend a little time perusing WebMD or maybe watching Discovery channel or something (and no, Grey's Anatomy and House don't count).

* * * * *

The Astros are up 4-3 over the Cubs as I am writing, at the top of the fifth. I am on call, so could have to trek back to the hospital at any moment, so I am not really watching the game. I didn't want to risk getting wrapped up in the action and then having to tear myself away. It's Roy O and Greg Maddux, so I'm not sure where I'm finding the discipline to not watch.

Anyway, go "Stros!


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