Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This is the weekend that redbirdbrain is coming to visit! While I'm not all that optimistic about the outcome of the games this weekend from an Astros' fan point of view, at least my guest will get to see her favorite pitcher on Saturday night. And Sunday, we'll be in the Crawford Boxes. She's hoping to catch a home run, so here's hoping the Astros' bats are hot--hee! (Actually, I think I'm going to buy a throw-down baseball, because if she catches a Cardinals' HR, I know that she won't be throwing it back, despite the protestations of 40,000-plus fans. A throw-down [hey! Good pun! Unintentional!] could save both of us a bit of grief.)

Updates to follow after the weekend (and she's threatening to provide video evidence--scary!). . . .


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