Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Well, I must say, the balance thing must be working.

Last year, I started to feel guilty about how much time I spent on baseball. I decided to take up knitting so that I can knit during games. The plan is to knit sweaters for underprivileged children. Hopefully, they won't notice that the sweaters suck (as I'm sure the first few will). (Of course, when I'm actually at a game, I will occupy my time by drinking beer and/or keeping score. Sorry, kids.)

I'm not even upset that the 'Stros have started the season 0-2 (well, not much anyway). Went to the exhibition game with the Royals last Saturday, roof was closed because of rain but certainly a pleasant outing that day. Going to my first "real" game this Sunday, and hoping the Astros will pick up where they left off last year against the Cardinals.

Woody Williams is pitching tonight, and I hope he does well. His excitement about playing for his home-town team is contagious, and he's always done well at Minute Maid Park. He doesn't quite have Roy O's stuff, but he does have some of that same mindset. I'm really pulling for him this year.

Every year, I pick a favorite player--some years, it's an obvious choice (like Morgan Ensberg in 2005), other years it's more sentimental (Mike Lamb last year). I reserve the right to change my mind, but I think so far this year my guy's going to be Adam Everett (you thought Woody Williams, right? I generally don't pick a pitcher because you only see them every 5 days or so). Right now, I'm basing this choice on not only his underrated defense, but also his "clutch" hitting (and I'm only half kidding!). He was SOOO robbed of the Gold Glove last year. I'm thinking of starting an email campaign to Rawlings--except, I'm probably too lazy. I can't even keep up with this blog!

Final thought--the last time the 'Stros lost on opening day, they ended up going to the Series!


At 5:01 PM, Blogger Leah said...

If you get bored with kitting for the underprivileged, feel free to knit Dorrie some longies and/or soakers for wool diaper covers. ;)


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