Sunday, April 08, 2007


Now, I know not to read too much into the first week of the season. But isn't it funny how sometimes that metamorphosizes into "don't read too much into the first month," or "the first half," and so on and so forth until suddenly it's September and your team is planning their off-season vacations.

I had a good time at the game today, actually, but not because I enjoyed the baseball. Jennings' line was better than his performance came across, if you ask me. I was impressed last Tuesday; today, not really. (Of course, if you compare pitchers to Roy Oswalt, as I am inclined to do, then they all come up short.) And the bullpen continues to be erratically ineffective. Or consistently inconsistent. Or some oxymoron, I don't know. The one guy who absolutely, 100% did his job today was Trever Miller--brought in to get Jim Edmonds out and did so.


Thank goodness I took up knitting.


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