Sunday, August 28, 2005

They're still pretty

They're still pretty. That's what I said all during April and May, when the Astros were sucking big-time, bottoming out at 15 games below .500. And of course, all the fair-weather fans talked about "your" Astros, whereas in July they were "the" Astros, or better yet, "our" Astros.

Those fans are back. I've heard a lot of "What happened to your Astros?" lately, as the fair-weather folks have revealed themselves in reverse proportion to the digits in the win column. And I guess, right now, I don't really have an answer for them. As Roger Clemens (shown here signing autographs at Minute Maid) lowered his league-leading ERA once again today, the Astros--once again--gave him no run support. Nothing like the 16th shutout of the year (a category in which we already led the league). The 'Stros went 2-4 on this road trip, while the Phillies and Marlins are surging at the right time (although the Marlins lost today). Most analysts say it takes, on average, 92 wins to capture the Wild Card. In order to achieve that, the Astros will have to go 24-8 this last month. Yeah, I know, they did about the same thing last year. And the fact that they're still 6 games above .500, after being so far below, is damned impressive. So don't get me wrong, I love my team, I watched every single game in April and May and will continue to watch, and attend, as many of the last 32 as I can. But at this point, do I expect to exercise my option on post-season tickets? That would be a "no."

I really need to get to work on that list of all the things I loved about this season, if only to remind myself.

And oh yeah, they're still pretty.


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