Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Saturday night, and I ain't got nobody. . . .

Spent last Saturday evening at Minute Maid Park.

What's that, you say? The Astros were in Milwaukee?

Yes, they were.

But Jimmy Buffett and Robert Earl Keen were at the Ballpark.

Along with about 47,000 of their closest friends.

Of whom probably 75% were staggering drunk.

Seriously. I have never seen so many drunk people in one place in my life.

It was an okay concert. I was disappointed in my seats; I was seated 14 rows behind the visitors' dugout, which, for a baseball game would have been heaven. Unfortunately, they put the stage on Tal's Hill, so I was just about as far away from the stage as you could get for the concert. Which was fine, except I paid the Ticketmaster price of $86.

Per seat.

That's a lot of money to basically watch the concert on the big screen TVs.

And I must be becoming a fuddy-duddy. They allowed beach balls at the concert, which was fine before it started, since there was nothing else to do. But all the drunk people kept playing with the beach balls during the whole performance, which then required keeping one eye on the concert and one eye on the beach balls, lest a stray ball bang into your beer and spill it all over you. After which, you are freezing because you are soaking wet, and you are also pissed off because beer still costs $7 a piece and somebody just wasted $5 worth.

Not that I would know about that.

Jimmy Buffett--still charming.

Minute Maid Park as a concert venue--not charming.


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