Saturday, September 03, 2005

Still crazy for baseball, but. . .

Haven't blogged in a bit, other things seemed more pressing.

Like, finding out whether my friends and relatives along the Gulf Coast are all right. (They are. God has been very good to us.)

Like, showing support for our military by attending the "You don't speak for me" rally in Crawford, Texas last weekend. (Pictures soon.)

In the mean time, the Astros have won four in a row, sweeping the Reds and taking the first game from the visiting Cardinals, 6-5, in 13th glorious innings.


I'll be attending a couple of the games at Minute Maid this weekend, taking food to the food drive for the hurricane victims and hopefully donating blood, if the line's not three miles long and they don't close before I get there. I really appreciate that the team and the facility are trying to help out in this crisis.

Blog entries to follow.


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