Sunday, October 02, 2005

Atlanta, here we come!


I've suspected several times over the last few days that I was going to need an electrophysiologic cardiac ablation to treat the palpitations that the Astros have given me recently.

First, the loss Thursday night. Then, Lidge's blown save on Friday, which I was there for (isn't Minute Maid pretty at night with the roof open?). Next, having to miss what may be Roger Clemens' last regular season start (I was out of state, with no game broadcast), receiving updates via textmessage from some great friends. And finally, the see-saw lead of today's game. I had to stop scoring when the Cubs took the lead in the sixth because I was getting such a stomach ache (a stomache?).

It hasn't been a pretty season, and many of the wins were downright ugly, but the Astros repeated as Wild Card winners.

And I was there.

Time to bask in that glow, even if it turns out to be brief.

Go 'Stros!


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