Friday, October 28, 2005

World Serious

They took me off of suicide watch today.

Kidding about the suicide watch, of course. Although I was noticeably grumpy Thursday after only 3 hours' sleep, and still having to field all of the "What happened to your Astros?" questions.

What indeed? Nothing, is what. They're still the same team, the same guys who got to the Fall Classic mainly by pitching and defense and very little offense (seventeen regular season shutouts, remember?). The masses lamented loudly during the year that no big stick was picked up in the off-season (or by the trade deadline) to make up for Jeff Kent and Carlos Beltran. I'm sure those same masses are patting themselves on the back right now, saying, "See? We can't win without a slugger."


What do you call a National League pennant, chopped liver?

(Hmm. Maybe I'm still a little grumpy.)

Like I was saying, the same team. The one that never made anything easy, but kept on plugging and grinding away. Yeah, it was frustrating for many fans, myself included, when their play, and results, were inconsistent. But they never stopped believing in themselves, even when others did. And it made it that much sweeter when they made the playoffs. "Eight teams, one champion" is the motto, and while they may not be the "one champion," they have much to be proud of. And many of their fans are very, very proud of them.

I'll have more to say about the Series and the whole experience in the next few days, but right now, I have to get ready for a Halloween party.

I'm going as a Killer Bee.


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