Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Random thoughts

This entry shall be rather haphazard, as my brain is still enfeebled from the 18-inning marathon on Sunday. (Yes, "enfeebled" is a word. You could look it up.)

Minute Maid at dusk, with the roof closed. So lovely.

To the Braves' fan sitting behind me on Sunday: Sir, you are either one of the most obnoxious human beings I've ever been around, or perhaps the most socially oblivious. Like, ever. Did you not notice all the people turning around to look at you as you kept up your constant cacophony of comments? Dude, I'm as big a fan as anybody, but I wouldn't dream of going into Turner Field and giving a running commentary about how much better my team is than yours. When Brian McCann hit his 8th inning home run off of Wandy Rodriguez, you shouted (among other things), "You gotta like this guy!" I turned around and said, "Well, I like him better than you." I dunno. You didn't look drunk. But last weekend's Cubs' fans, with their reputation for rowdiness, were positively genteel compared to you. Soooo glad that you left after Berkman's grand slam.

Apparently there was a nun at Sunday's game. She said she did a lot of praying during the contest. Well, the Bible does say to "pray without ceasing." I think the Astros just misread it as, "play without ceasing."

Jim Deshaies had some great comments about the game. I had to agree with him--my favorite moments were Clemens' three innings of relief (yeah, a long moment, I know) and the swing-for-the-railroad-tracks he took in the top of the 18th. J. D. is right--that swing defined Clemens as a competitor even more than his three shutout innings from the mound.

The Brushback does it again. (Almost made me need Depends, that is. So funny!)

So, Uncle Drayton. You have some 'splainin' to do! What's up with this "lottery" bullshit for World Series tickets? Because y'all want to allow all fans an equal opportunity to buy Series tickets?!? Yeah, right. Where the hell were all these fans during the April and May nadir? Sister here was a season ticket holder and has spent innumerable pesos at your park. If you want to limit me to only having an early option on a single game, I can accept that. But to say that I have no better odds of getting a seat to a World Series game, should the Astros play, than Joe "I-only-like-them-when-they're-winning" F***ing Blow, just really pisses me off.

Should I tell you how I really feel?

And what about that guy who caught both Lance Berkman's grand slam ball and Chris Burke's walk-off homer? How can any single Homo sapiens have that kind of good fortune? Amazing.

He better not get World Series tickets or I'm gonna be some kind of wound up.


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