Monday, October 03, 2005

Yes. . . and no

Things I liked about this weekend:

Getting to see some friends from graduate school at the wedding I went to in Arkansas.

Northwest Arkansas—it’s quite pretty there.

The Astros made the playoffs!

Roy Oswalt getting 20 wins for two years in a row.

A two-baseball-game weekend!

My flights being on time, and the ease with which one can sail through the whole airport process these days.

My new binoculars and radio headset, acquired just in time for the post-season.

The Astros made the playoffs!

Things I didn’t like about this weekend:

Our win meaning Greg Maddux’s loss—he’s always been a class act, a guy I admire.

Staying up way too late Friday; I was kinda stuck, waiting on my ride.

Derrek Lee beating out Albert Pujols for the batting title—I hate when we play against either gentleman, but I was pulling for Pujols for the same reasons I like Greg Maddux.

The Astros almost gave me a heart attack several times.

A two-baseball-game weekend, with just a minor little trip to Arkansas sandwiched in between (very tiring!).

Having to take my shoes off to go through security at the airport (icky floors!).

Missing a baby shower to go to the Astros’ final regular season game (yes, sister here is a weasel).

Things that surprised me this weekend:

The Astros made the playoffs! (There. I said it.)

That there are lots of Cubs fans in Houston, and they’re very LOUD!


Well, a good weekend means not too many surprises, right?

Everyone seems to be joining the prognostication game right now, except me. I tell you what, this. Cracked. Me. Up. Enjoy!


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