Saturday, October 08, 2005

Same song, 164th verse

Well, the Astros continue to play as they have all season--brilliantly one game, inanely the next. Thank heavens we took the first game from Atlanta.

This won't be a long post, as I must finish preparations to head to Houston for the games this weekend. (I have pretty good seats for both games--yay!) But WTF? is this crap about possibly moving the Sunday game? Yes, I realize that there is very little interest in Astros' games outside of Houston, but the people who are going to watch the game are going to watch it regardless of the time it's broadcast. In fact, I think MORE people would watch it during the day, instead of potentially putting it up against Desperate Housewives. I find it a little irritating that TV advertisers' bucks speak so much more loudly than mine, considering that I've been giving Uncle Drayton and the boys my money all year long. So now, since I much prefer a day game (to avoid a 90-minute-plus drive at 10 at night), I have to pull for the freakin' YANKEES to even out the AL series so that their game will be broadcast at night instead. Gaaaaaack!

Did I mention how popular I've become since the Astros made the post-season? Everyone is my friend now, and I get lots of forced-casual "hey, if you need anybody to go the games with you. . ." sort of comments.


Go 'Stros!


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