Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Prince Albert? I think not

Oh Lord.

I probably shouldn't blog when I've only had 3 hours sleep, but anyway.

Just a quick one to say, give the Cardinals their due. They didn't have the best record in baseball for no reason.

However, whatever benevolent feelings I had for Pujols is gone. He seems like a nice guy in interviews, and does a lot of charity work. But that stand-there-and-watch-your-HR crap is just that, crap. I don't take it personally, because he does it to everybody. But you'll never see an Astro pull that crap. Hell, you'll never see Jim Edmonds pull that crap. To me it goes back to Ryne Sandberg's HOF induction speech, about respect for the game. And if you don't respect your opponent, you don't respect the game.

So last night was an adventure for all sorts of reasons, but for now (at 6:13 a.m.) it's off to work!


At 7:07 AM, Blogger Leah said...

The Cardinals haunt me even when my baseball season is long over...


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