Saturday, October 22, 2005

NLCS notes

I think Yadier Molina has a man-crush on Brad Ausmus. First this, and then the top of the third inning of game 6. Ausmus singles and advances to second on Adam Everett's hit. Taking a bit of a lead-off from second, Ausmus has to scoot back quickly as Molina (one of the Throwing Molina Brothers) tries to pick him off. Molina then shoots Ausmus a total shit-eating grin, and I swear almost winked. The lovely Bradley just grinned back. Maybe it's a catcher thing--I wouldn't understand.


Lord I felt sorry for Mark Mulder. Everybody has a bad day at work now and then, you know? But it's occurred to me lately, how would I feel about doing my job with a bunch of drunk, rowdy people watching me? That would be bizarre. And yet of course all athletes are expected to do just that, and the best ones excel in such situations. The look on Mulder's face, after the wild pitch (behind Craig Biggio) that allowed the Astros to go up 2-0, said it all.


Jim Edmonds is a class act (he might be insulted by this, but he would make a good Astro). He has always been gracious in both victory and defeat. Thanks, Jed, for the nice things you said after your team's loss. Good luck next year.


The St. Louis fans showed their class too, by giving the Astros a polite standing ovation upon the win. Somehow I doubt that Houston would be so charitable.

And now, enough looking back. Game 1 of the 2005 World Series starts in exactly one hour. Socks off! It's on!

Go 'Stros!


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