Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's a wonderful life

I've always been a bit of a Scrooge about Christmas, for a number of reasons that are tiresome to recite. Bottom line, I spend lots of money and time buying presents for sub-adult relatives (my nieces and nephews) and get nothing in return.

Nothing, I tell you.

Now, I don't mind not getting presents. (Well, okay, maybe I mind a little, but I am a grown-up and can deal with it. Or at least get used to it.) But the little ungrateful rascals don't even send thank-you notes! (Of course, their parents share some of the blame for this dearth of common courtesy.)

I decided that was going to change this year. Even if it meant risking my status as coolest aunt, by heavens those children were going to start showing a little appreciation! I gave them all a blank note card with an addressed envelope (helpful, since I did just move, and I do want to encourage the note-writing) and told them that if they couldn't spend five minutes writing me a thank-you note and 37 cents to mail it, that maybe next year I wouldn't be able to spend hundreds of dollars and hours of my time shopping. (Yes, we're talking hardball, people.) I also told them that it was an important life skill that would serve them well in adulthood.

Well, I got the first one today, from one of the thirteen-year-olds:

"Dear Aunt Danyah,

Why are you so awesome?! I tell you why. . . because who else has an aunt that would be so electrifying and extravagant as to give me the juggling and tie-dye kits. Now my dream is to become A & M's only graduating professional juggler. Thanks for the freakishly cool goodies!

Love, K."

Sigh. The child has a gift. I'm so proud (sniff).

Along a similar line, one of my dear friends, who was the recipient of some Astros' tickets last season that I couldn't use, sent me the following note in a Christmas card:

"Merry Christmas, and may God bless you with many, many, many more baseball tickets to come!"

I am blessed, indeed.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger John Q. said...

Hey the blank note card was a great idea. I think I will implement it also. Nice site too. Jon

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