Saturday, November 25, 2006


A simple quick update: the Astros signed Carlos Lee and Woody Williams! (so much for balance, eh? But it is a baseball blog, after all.) I think they overpaid for Lee, but what the hell. Should silence those folks who always think Uncle Drayton's too cheap. And Woody Williams seems so excited to be playing for his home-town team--I hope his enthusiasm is infectious.

I've been doing better in the balance area (partly out of necessity, seeing as how the season is over, but whatever). I went to the Nebraska/A & M football game, I've brewed two batches of homemade beer, I finished my Latin dancing class and signed up for more, I've been doing the Body for Life fitness program (including getting up at 4:30 every morning to exercise--talk about UNbalanced!), I've been to several concerts and have tickets for several more, and most importantly, I've caught up with lots of folks in my life that I tend to lose track of during my baseball tunnel-vision.

I've also been doing lots of little projects around my house, like refinishing and re-upholstering furniture, and including--right this minute--replacing a bathroom faucet that my behaviorally challenged nephew and/or niece broke at Thanksgiving. Such things always become a much greater ordeal than I hope they will, and I ended up having to take the freakin' sink off because I don't have the muscles (nor the patience) to loosen the basin nuts otherwise. So right now, my guest bathroom sink is sitting in the entry hall, and my resumption of blogging is simply a way to avoid finishing that job. But finish I must.

¡Hasta luego otra vez!