Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's that saying?

Oh, yeah, I remember--"politics makes strange bedfellows." Of course, "bedfellows" probably has a different connotation now than it did back in the day that this phrase originated, but the sentiment is still valid.

Take my friend redbirdbrain and me, for instance. We became acquainted through a love of baseball and beer, but we couldn't be more different.

She's young. Me? Not so young.

Her politics are left-leaning, shall we say. Me, I'm a redneck.

She's a vegetarian. Me, well. . . not.

She graduated from Missouri and received her post-graduate education in Europe. Almost all my fancy book learnin' came from that bastion of conservatism, Texas A & M University.

She's a Cardinals' fan. I, obviously, am not.

And yet, though we differ, we still manage to get along. . . at least, until now.

As part of my quest to visit all the MLB ballparks, I am planning a trip to redbirdbrain's neighborhood this summer, a quaint place known as New York City. We will be taking in a Mets/Rockies contest at Shea, and we will also attend an event at Yankee Stadium.


In chatting with young Miss Brain about this upcoming event, I discovered the one difference between us that could have been a deal-breaker:

me: Hey! did you get my email? I got us tickets for the Mets game!
redbirdbrain: Oh my gosh I did get that email and thank you so much!!!! I'm sorry I didn't respond yet - but I can't WAIT for july!
me: Me either!
redbirdbrain: it's going to be a blast, I'm not taking a vacation this year but it should be like one
me: I'll say so! I'll probably need a vacation just to get over this vacation!
redbirdbrain: haha! I haven't looked at the link you sent me today yet, maybe I will do that now
me: I am watching "Chocolat." I don't like Johnny Depp but this is such a lovely movie. Enjoy the link!
redbirdbrain: you DON'T LIKE JOHNNY DEPP?
forget it, you can't come to ny
me: Uh oh.
redbirdbrain: I've never heard of a woman who doesn't like johnny depp!
me: So, I think he's ok in this movie
redbirdbrain: well that's something
me: I bet you don't like Matthew McConaughy
redbirdbrain: that's true actually
me: Hahahaha!
redbirdbrain: we'll just have to agree to disagree on this I suppose
me: Yay! Works for me. I mean, if we can handle the 'Stros/Cards thing, and the A&M/Mizzou thing, we can deal with this, right?
redbirdbrain: heehee, at least we have beer in common!
me: There you go

All I can say is, thank God for beer.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

So, yeah. . . .

Wow, is all I can say about the Congressional hearings. A waste of time for all.

And I've stopped trying to defend Roger Clemens, for fairly obvious reasons I would imagine. I still believe in "innocent until proven guilty," but his appearance there was either the most ill-advised, or ill-prepared, that I've ever witnessed (pun intended). It took my breath away, how poorly he presented himself. I felt very sorry for his family.

And obviously I'm a Republican, since I felt no sympathy for Brian McNamee at all. Clemens may be a delusional asshole with no sense of personal responsibility, but McNamee is just a sleaze.

Enough of that. Spring Training has begun, yay! Which means, of course, that Hunter Pence has started running into stuff. Or in this case, through stuff. Young Mr. Pence gets his own bobblehead this year. I'm anticipating that it will come with bandaids, an arm sling, and crutches.

So, I had some excitement of my own a couple of weeks ago. To make a long story short, my fire alarm went off. Alas, I did not hear it because I was in the shower (I was getting ready for work, meaning it was around 6 in the morning). By the time I realized it was going off, the fire department was at the door, ready to bust it down. I'm sopping wet, thinking it's the intruder alarm instead. Not sure who was more surprised--me, finding out that the "intruders" were firemen, or them--since I answered the door in a towel.

With my 12 gauge.

Meh. At least they know where I stand on the Second Amendment.