Monday, May 07, 2007

Final Rocket thoughts

Interesting, all the flak from the Clemens' signing.

Some of it quite vitriolic.

I hope I don't seem so angry (and dare I say it? Unbalanced) about Rocket's decision to sign with the Yankees as some folks. It certainly didn't surprise me, and Lance Berkman said there were two groups of people--those who weren't surprised, and morons. (Yay! Not a moron! But way-candid statement, even for Twinkie!)

I loved watching Roger Clemens pitch, and I've always thought he seemed like a pretty good father. And I always gave him credit for that, because I think if you're a good dad, you're probably not a complete asshole. But he certainly had a well-earned reputation as a jerk and egomaniac, and I for one was tiring of the will-he-or-won't-he game. Do I think he would have made a difference if he re-signed with the Astros this year? Probably not. Do I think he will make a difference with the Yankees? Doubtful. What bothers me with the whole ordeal is the same thing with Pettitte--the Astros were told one thing while Pettitte and Clemens were doing another. You know, you wanna go back to the Yankees? Fine, I can understand that, just like I can understand Billy Clyde Gillespie wanting to go to Kentucky. But don't (in BCG's case) say that you're looking forward to your future at A&M while merely biding your time for that call from your "dream job." And don't say, "I'm 80% planning to retire," and then say you went with the Yankees because they wanted you for 4 months and the Astros only 3. I understand it's a business, I'm not that naive. But whatever happened to a semblance of honesty? It's just annoying that both Pettitte and Clemens made the choice that they had apparently planned all along, but are now trying to paint themselves as victims of some kind. Get real.

Also interesting, I must say, to return to this entry. At the time of the Grimsley affidavit, as noted, some bloggers speculated that if neither Pettitte nor Clemens returned, that the Astros would have quietly rid the clubhouse of that potential stain. While I still think that the Astros are not so noble, I do find it interesting that both of the "victims" have stated that they didn't feel that the Astros really wanted them back.

Of course, that begs the question then--where does the lack of honesty really lie?


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