Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who am I?

As often as I've been posting, you'd think I was redbirdbrain. (Hi, J.!)

Of course, I almost gave up this blog last year anyway, as I considered it too time-consuming, or not a good benefit-to-cost ratio, or something. Whatever.

Really, just hadn't felt like blogging much.

The 'Stros have been playing a bit better for the last week or so, but still not awe-inspiring (or even blog-inspiring, for that matter). I've been quite busy with work, as well as landscaping my backyard--doing all of it myself, shovelful by back-breaking shovelful. It's starting to come together, though, which is pretty cool.

Taking a young, high-school-graduating relative on their first cruise next week. Am I the BEST. Aunt. Ever?!? Or, like, what?

In fact, I really should go get busy and start packing!

Random closing thought: Minor league contract for Chan Ho Park--low-risk venture, or sign of the apocalypse?


At 4:41 AM, Blogger Julia said...

yeah, it's been crazy, I've been abandoning all my 1,000,000 blogs!

And re: the cruise - YES, you are the best aunt ever!


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