Sunday, July 29, 2007


Dan Wheeler, my favorite middle reliever (I've had a soft spot for him ever since he plunked Derrek Lee back in 2004--it was Wheeler's first appearance as an Astro and I thought he really had balls) was traded to Tampa Bay for Ty Wigginton. Wheeler always seemed like such a nice guy, and did well. Recently though, he was caught on camera pushing Chris Sampson in the dugout. Uncle Drayton doesn't like that kind of publicity. The trade rumors had indicated that either Wheeler or Chad Qualls would be moved (and I do NOT like Qualls, I think he's an asshole). Unfortunately, Wheeler was caught in an unhappy and weak moment, and it's hard not to believe that the incident didn't influence who went. I'll miss him, and I hope he does well with his new team. His father-in-law is the game announcer for the Devil Rays, and he originally came up through their system, so he's basically going home. I hope he flourishes.

Morgan Ensberg, who was my favorite player in 2005, was designated for assignment. In his case, this may just mean being released, à la Preston Wilson last year. If anyone had wanted to trade for him, they would have done so by now, I assume. (But maybe the Cards can pick him up too!)

That one hurts. I feel so badly for him. I always hoped he would return to the form that not only made me crush on him like crazy, but also as an observer, made me look forward to games and consecrated me as a baseball fan. He was a big part of that team in that crazy year that made the playoffs and the Series against the longest of odds, who had a chemistry and magic even when they lost (and they lost a lot!). That was the year that baseball became a revelation for me, when I finally GOT. IT.

Poor Mo. I would say I miss him already, but really, I've been missing him for a couple of years now.

Bueno suerte, Pretty Boy.


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