Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mr. 3000 +

I was torn about whether or not I should blog about Craig Biggio's latest and greatest achievement.

What could I possibly say, what accolades could I present, that hadn't already been stated?

And I'm an ambivalent fan, when it comes to Biggio. He and Bagwell were, and absolutely are, the face of the Astros. (Much as I admire their ability, Berkman and Oswalt will never become the icons that Bidge and Bags were. Pence has the potential, and I appreciate that Biggio has taken him under his wing.) I mean, if you're an Astros' fan, you almost have to be a fan of Biggio and Bagwell--it's the law or something.

But even while being a loyal 'Stros fan, something has always held me back from being a full-fledged Craig Biggio fan. Maybe his abrasiveness. Maybe how he always gives that practiced "That's baseball" line in post-game interviews. Maybe how he never stops to give autographs before a game, I don't know.

Reflecting on his many accomplishments this week though, I guess I turned a corner. It's not the 3004 career hits, the 658 career doubles, the 1822 runs. Awesome accomplishments, all of it, of course. But even Biggio himself would downplay the importance of numbers when one is paid to play a game.

But play he did. It's been repeated so often this week that it's already started to sound trite, but when you reflect on how #7 has comported himself for the last 20 years, I at least found lessons for myself. Have I given 100% every time I go to work?


Have I had 20 years of loyalty to one employer?


Have I worked hard to better my community in my off time?


He plays a game, but it's still a job.

And what a job he's done.

Mr. 3000 +, it's the "plus" that has made me a true fan. Congratulations, Mr. Biggio. You've more than earned it.


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