Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monthly update

It's that time again!

Went to a meeting in Denver last week and took in a game at Coors Field (the Brewers were in town). Coors Field was very beautiful, but maybe I was overly influenced by watching an open-air game in something less than 100 degree heat and 95% humidity (very pleasant weather there, for sure!). Or it could have been the view of the mountains. . . or the gorgeous sunset. . . or good friends and good beer (microbrews!). (And while you can't see the mountains or the sunset in this picture, you can see the row of purple seats in the upper deck--exactly one mile elevation above sea level.) Anyway, good times!

The Astros have started their usual second half. . .something. You can't really call it a surge at this point, as they're only playing marginally better, but "second half not-sucking-as-bad" doesn't have much of a ring to it, does it?

Headed to Chicago this weekend for Cubs/Cards, a girls' weekend hosted by Miss lakeline. Should be great fun! Unfortunately, Cards' fan Miss redbirdbrain had to cancel at the last second. She made me promise to kiss Spot, er, Scott Rolen for her. Pictures to follow (as if!).


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