Thursday, August 23, 2007


That's just one descriptor for last weekend. My trip to Chicago was so incredible, it seemed surreal. The lakeline folks were terrific--really great hosts, they showed me around the city and shared a lot of the history and politics of the area, made sure I got some traditional Chicago eats, AND. . . they came up with some incredible tickets for my visit! (Everyone I've shown my pictures to this week has gasped before asking "How in the <insert geographical area here> did you get those seats?") Even better, they arranged for several flyovers by various military jets from the local airshow--thanks, that rocked! Hee!

The weather was not as cooperative as we would have preferred, but you can't have everything. And Wrigley Field with a roof just wouldn't be the same.

Although, I'm sure it would still be amazing.


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